Own the product authority and sell on Amazon

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Own the product authority and sell on Amazon

amazon product authority

When you are running a business or even thinking about running a business, you need to put in a lot of resources and mental energy. Agree?

So, to get product exposure and customers who buy from you, you start to list and sell on Amazon – one of the best strategies.

However, when you start selling through amazon alone, all your product data is in the Amazon only and nowhere else – this puts Amazon as the authoritative site over your products.

If you don’t believe this, you can perform a Google search; all the links that found about your products will be directed to the Amazon.

This is good and works in your favor till the time when someone else comes up with a similar or even the same product on Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t list products when they are of the same ASIN value, rather it lists sellers, and as any competitor would do, your product will be made to look costlier and with less benefit.

Many sellers who researched products, white-label them, and planned for a lasting business on Amazon have faced this issue.

Undoubtedly, it is a great strategy for any business to launch their product on Amazon, it is just that only selling through Amazon might have some serious drawbacks. The ones that cause total business failure.

Now, to ensure that your product authority remains with you even when the competition arises, there’s an easy trick. You list your product on your own website first, then send the listing on Amazon marketplaces.

You get the sales and customers from Amazon and you still develop your brand through your eCommerce website.  After all, setting up an eCommerce website won’t even cost you much, it might start from $350 and go higher depending upon the features you’ll want.

But, the point is that you hold the authority of your product through the brand you create on your website. The next point that you benefit by creating an eCommerce site is you get to test your products before launching them on Amazon. You can drive traffic to your own website.

Holding product authority is for the people who are launching their own white-label products or unique products on Amazon, not for those reselling other brands.

Getting traffic to your own website opens up a lot of opportunities. You can capture the email addresses, build relations with your new customers, get the idea of who is interested in your products, and what more are they looking for, and the list goes on.

You can even redirect your customers to your Amazon products with a special request for product reviews as product reviews on Amazon is huge, it helps in ranking you higher in the Amazon search.

If you don’t find this concept useful or have any confusion, please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss further.

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