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hijacking listing on amazon

Hijacking listing on Amazon – Why you shouldn’t, how to protect your listings?

After a tonne of product research, working with the manufacturer, and running sweat from your forehead, you finally find a winning product. You start selling and are about close to the buy box. Then one day, while checking your Amazon Listing, you find that there are other sellers selling the same product. Right there on…
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amazon product templates

What are Amazon product category templates?

More commonly known as Amazon Templates, these are the files downloadable from Amazon Seller Central to fill up your product information and upload them back to the Seller Central to list your product on Amazon marketplace. To list a few products which you can handle manually, you don’t need to deal with the Amazon product…
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amazon seller account types

Amazon Seller Accounts–Types, differences, and benefits

You may have created an Amazon account because you keep buying things from this amazing site. But, how often did you notice the Sell on Amazon link at the top right? If you haven’t yet bought anything from Amazon, please take your time to go ahead and make a purchase, no matter how small, but…
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Amazon SEO Tips

Amazon SEO tips

Listing your products on Amazon isn’t always enough. If you are the only seller for certain products then you don’t have to worry about this topic. Also, if there is very little competition then you don’t have to worry about Amazon SEO. For all the rest of you, you better start making a strong foundation…
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dropshipping on amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon – What is the secret success formula?

If you’ve only been buying from Amazon, it may come as a surprise that the seller is not Amazon. You bought from some other product vendor who used Amazon Marketplace as a platform to sell. These sellers are able to make thousands of dollars monthly or even weekly by making proper use of the platform…
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amazon marketplaces

Amazon Marketplaces for Global Business

Amazon is well known to keep expanding its business arena. While having started from an online book store, it has grown to become almost everything retail and more. Amazon is, at the time of this writing, available for in 16 countries, generally termed as Amazon Marketplaces. Product sellers and Amazon listers in these countries enjoy…
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amazon product authority

Own the product authority and sell on Amazon

When you are running a business or even thinking about running a business, you need to put in a lot of resources and mental energy. Agree? So, to get product exposure and customers who buy from you, you start to list and sell on Amazon – one of the best strategies. However, when you start…
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amazon does not support unethical

Amazon – No Profiting on Fear during Corona Pandemic

During the outbreak of Corona Virus ( Covid – 19), a lot of online retailers selling through Amazon and other marketplaces saw it as an opportunity to hike price and make profits on necessary items. However, the market giant didn’t support this decision of the collective mass trying to make profits on Fear. This decision…
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Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

Product reviews on Amazon is one of the main points that increases your conversion. There’d been a common trend while launching new products in Amazon marketplaces – get a package from fiver or similar portals related to Amazon product reviews to manipulate the Amazon rankings. Putting it in blunt words – Buy Fake Reviews on…
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