Tips to improve conversion on your Amazon product site

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Tips to improve conversion on your Amazon product site

amazon product website conversion tips

Let’s begin with your Amazon Product Site – What is it? It is the eCommerce site that you create to sell products outside of the Amazon marketplace but also connects with the Amazon marketplaces to keep your product details in sync. This is a common practice and if you haven’t created an eCommerce for your Amazon business, you should do it. However, here we’ll discuss how to improve the conversion of this eCommerce site.

When you are selling through Amazon, it is obvious that you’ll choose the product description and images as required by the Amazon Marketplace. And as Amazon is the conversion-focused product seller giant, you will probably be good with these aspects. However, there are a few considerations such as

  • The design of your eCommerce website,
  • Optimization for Google and other search engines,
  • A prompt query response mechanism
  • Accuracy of information provided to visitors
  • Proof of credibility

We’ll look into these first to check if you are ready to grow the sales from your Amazon product site.

The design of your Amazon products website

Design of your website aids in improving returning customers and holding on to the new leads

When designing an eCommerce website focused to sell products online, you cannot go above or below the current trends and market standards. Visual appeal is what you have to check, for both your website as a whole and the product pages of your eCommerce website.

Apart from those design considerations, you should also check the responsiveness of your website on different devices. With the growing number of shoppers ordering using hand-held devices, it is not an option anymore.  You should check the landing pages and the most common conversion funnel for your website. Here is a free online responsiveness tool that can help you to check these.

Search Engine Optimization for Google and Alike

Ads are costly and if you can get free traffic, you can focus on spending budget wisely

The more traffic on your Amazon products website, the better it will be to optimize for conversion. But, doesn’t it seem like you are more into spending than earning if you leave out the free traffic? So, running a check on the SEO parts once in a while is a good investment of your time and effort apart from optimizing your products on Amazon.

Setting up proper navigation, category tags, and keywords, creating unique content for product descriptions, adding alternative tags to your images, and checking for broken links of the products that you have discontinued is a good start to work on on-site SEO. As for the off-site SEO, you should make sure to submit your product sitemaps to different search engines like Google.

A Prompt Query-Response for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction with the product and with the seller is equally important to build a brand

When people purchase from Amazon, it is easy. They recognize the brand and they are well assured that the products will be delivered as expected. The products that they purchase are also insured for shipping. How do you match up with the assurances and confidence that Amazon marketplaces provide? This is where you need to set up a communication channel for prompt response to your customers’ queries.

Whether you set up a live chat system or deploy an AI-based chatbot, they both can work to increase the confidence in your customers. A live manual chat can show that you are dedicated to your business whereas an AI chatbot shows that you are not hesitant even a bit to invest in your business. With an AI chatbot, any thoughtful customer will be able to understand that you provide special attention to the information provided to your customers.

Accuracy of the information provided to the customers

Misinformation is just as harmful as less or no information  & both of these are dedicated conversion killers

As you already have an Amazon products eCommerce site, take a look at the product title, image, description, and even the slug. Do you find anything that doesn’t correlate? If so, that can create friction when a customer is about to add that product to their cart or even when checking out.

Again, take a look at the shipping information. Is that sufficient and accurate? Right from the first touchpoint as a visitor up to the exit point as a satisfied customer, the accuracy of information is crucial.

After checking the product information and the shipping information, you should check the information related to your business. Is it presented in a credible way? Even genuine businesses suffer when a point of suspicion is left unclear. This brings us to the next point.

Proof of Credibility of Your Amazon Product Site

Your business is what you do, but do your customers see and feel it that way?

Are you a member of trade associations that relate to the product categories you are selling? Have you collected the reviews of products from your past customers? Did you post any offers where your customers had significant benefits? If not, you should look into these first. These are the eye candies for your visitors. You should display these on your Amazon product site. These will help to convert your visitors to customers.

Next, how often do you go live on social media as a representative of your business? Platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Tiktok offer you to go live. You should take the benefit by promoting products on Youtube Live and other platforms. Communicate with existing customers and potential customers to display strong proof of credibility. Don’t miss it.

There are other ways that you can work on improving your conversion such as

  • Creating product bundles with discounts,
  • Working on competitive pricing decisions,
  • Working on customer and competitor research,
  • Finding the market gap and
  • Advertising to the customers who fall on perfect market fit.
  • Capturing leads and making attractive offers

But, we strongly recommend that you work on the tips detailed to make sure that your conversion is up to the market standard for your product category, then start working on other creative techniques.

We wish you the best on your seller journey, and if you need it, feel free to reach out to us.


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