What is product flipping on Amazon?

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What is product flipping on Amazon?

product flipping on Amazon

Profits! That is the main motive behind your Amazon seller journey. And what gets you profits? Your products… bought at a lesser price and sold with a positive margin. Amazon provides you the platform to sell and also the customers who’ll buy your products.

So, where do you get the products from – Manufacturers. But there are other ways to source your products, such as garage sales, and other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, and alike. Acquire products from various sources at a lower cost and sell them at a higher price on Amazon. This is product flipping on Amazon.

Flip a Coin – you’ll get heads or tails to check your luck…

Flip a Page – you’ll get new content to read and learn…

Flip PRODUCTS on Amazon- you’ll get customers and make profits!

As the concept of product flipping is nothing different from the perspective of listing and selling products on Amazon, the product acquiring method is different and versatile. You may buy the product from Amazon itself and relist it there again at a higher price. You may copy the listing from other sites and create your listing on Amazon, then when the order comes, you buy and sell it. Or, you may scan through the listings on craigslist to…

…find the appropriate product and then aim to sell those products on Amazon.

Regardless of how you acquire the products you target to sell or the product categories, there are a few common considerations. It is the quality of the product. As you aim to obtain a higher price and make a profit while flipping products on Amazon, you need to have…

…almost new products with clear proof of ownership.

Excessive product research trap 

While searching for unique products to sell which give you a monopoly over the market, you may want to enter into Amazon Handmade. You could if you want to. Product sourcing for flipping on Amazon Handmade could be done through Etsy ( with a thorough consideration of both platforms’ policies) but entering the handmade category itself is not so easy on Amazon.

Furthermore, there is a concern about product ownership as well as competitive pricing also. It is not undoable but definitely not for the new flippers.

The way to escape this trap

Rather than moving fast, isn’t it better for the new practitioners of product-flipping to move slow and progress steadily? Trying out the tried and tested methods such as Walmart to Amazon, eBay to Amazon, Craiglist to Amazon, and other physical product acquisition methods is more recommended, when it comes to product sourcing.

As related to selecting the type of products, the best way is to look for products that you are knowledgeable about. When it comes to selling, whether dropshipping or product flipping, nothing compares to the knowledge that you have about the product. The reason being, what you know well, you can explain well.

A few of the product categories that you can start to sell using the product flipping technique on Amazon are:

  • Books and magazines
  • Toys and kids gears
  • Small and lightweight furniture
  • Clothes and Accessories
  • Small and lightweight exercise tools

But these are just some examples of the product categories. What makes you successful during your venture of product flipping business on Amazon is dependent upon your efforts for in-depth product and customer research, your product acquisition strategies, and your promotional strategies on Amazon itself.

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