Dropshipping on Amazon – What is the secret success formula?

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Dropshipping on Amazon – What is the secret success formula?

dropshipping on amazon

If you’ve only been buying from Amazon, it may come as a surprise that the seller is not Amazon. You bought from some other product vendor who used Amazon Marketplace as a platform to sell. Furthermore, you bought products from a seller who might have not seen the product himself – they might just be dropshipping on Amazon.

These sellers are able to make thousands of dollars monthly or even weekly by making proper use of the platform and services that the product sourcing website and Amazon marketplaces provide.

After knowing this, you may be interested in selling on Amazon using the dropshipping method. But you need to know the secret formula. Apart from that you also need the products to sell. So, that’s what we will discuss here making it easy for you to start and eventually succeed in your Amazon business venture.

Shall we start?

Remember, the topic is Dropshipping on Amazon with maximum potentiality for success!

Starting from the very beginning, you know the platform you want to sell, now you need the products to sell!

Getting products that are in demand used to cost more and yielded a low-profit margin, but that is a thing of the past.  What you need to do now is find the manufacturers who produce similar products and contact them to produce according to your demand.

But where do you find those? This is where stepping out of the rock phrase is put to use and we’d like to ask you to visit Alibaba dot com and other similar sites.

Contacting suppliers on Alibaba.com or other sourcing sites

Now, when you find the products that you would like to sell through your website, or by listing them on popular marketplaces like Amazon, you need to be absolutely sure that those products are well up to the standard. But more than that, you need to have a working relationship with the manufacturer on Alibaba. So, make sure that you check all the details, legal and other before you post your order to the supplier. If there is a minimum order quantity that you’re comfortable with, order that, even more than that, if you can order for the demo product, that’ll serve your purpose much better.

Determining the terms of trade that are favorable to you

After deciding that you want a product from a specific supplier, you need to discuss the terms of the trade. What you actually want is to get the customers to buy what you are selling… and after that you want them to be satisfied with your product and grab the power of word of mouth. For that, you have to be absolutely sure of two things:

1. Your supplier is able to supply your product at the defined rate that you agreed upon for a minimum of one year time.

2. Your supplier is able to white-label the products or add the labeling that you have asked for, like a non-disclosure that helps in branding.

Determining the best shipping options and conditions

When it comes to shipping, your best choice is to participate in the FBA program. This will save you from the trouble of working with storage units, packing, printing labels, and other such chores. However, if you have orders from your local area, it is better to drop a sweat of your own so it is also a good idea to store a few quantities of stock with yourself. Let me know if anyone is practicing this.

Keeping an eye on Amazon’s programs that support sellers

Furthermore, participating in Amazon’s early reviewer program will allow you to get genuine reviews from the customers. So, after listing your products on Amazon, it is definitely a good idea to join the early reviewer program. When you have a few good reviews, you can always start the sponsored product ads on Amazon which unfailingly grabs the attention of your potential customers.

Use digital marketing tricks that are permitted by Amazon

But don’t just rely on the Amazon environment for your dropshipping success. Accept and honor the fact that you are the business owner and it is your responsibility to reach out to the customers, make them aware that your product is out in the market, and that you have a product that’ll make the life of your customers easier. This is the main concept of selling products.

Channelize your website visitors (even if you are using paid ads or social media) to your Amazon profile/product. If you’ve been collecting leads then find their interest and if possible, run an email marketing campaign to grab the attention of your subscribers.


The only way to make sure that you have mastered the secret success formula for dropshipping on Amazon is to check your balance, when you bag that cash, you are a happy dropshipping businessman


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