Amazon Marketplaces for Global Business

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Amazon Marketplaces for Global Business

amazon marketplaces

Amazon is well known to keep expanding its business arena. While having started from an online book store, it has grown to become almost everything retail and more.

Amazon is, at the time of this writing, available in 16 countries, generally termed Amazon Marketplaces. Product sellers and Amazon listers in these countries enjoy selling their products through Amazon portals.

Here is the list of Amazon marketplaces:


Amazon USA

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon France

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Germany

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Spain

Amazon Japan

Amazon India

Amazon Singapore

Amazon United Arab Emirates

Amazon Turkey

Amazon Brazil

Amazon Italy

The interesting part of Amazon marketplaces is the connectivity through the same Amazon Seller portal for Amazon North American marketplaces.

If you are a seller registered on Amazon Canada, you will be able to sell your products on Amazon USA and Amazon Canada also through your same seller central portal.

As for Amazon Australia, which was launched at the end of 2017, you will need to create a different Amazon seller central account on the Amazon Australia portal.

And for the Amazon India sellers, with some nominal additional cost, you will be able to sell on the Amazon USA portal.

The cost for Amazon Professional seller account has remained almost constant. As for Amazon USA, it is USD 39 and as for Amazon Australia, it is AUD 49. Likewise, the monthly cost of these professional seller accounts is in a similar range.

If you are planning to sell through one or more of these Amazon marketplaces, the first step for you would be to register a seller account. After that, if you have any questions related to listing your products, we welcome you to reach out to us.


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