Leverage your Amazon sales through Youtube

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Leverage your Amazon sales through Youtube

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When your business model is product marketing, you’ll need to work on the marketing aspect really well. The more audiences your products on Amazon reaches, the better sales performance you can expect. Apart from sharing the products you list on Amazon on your active social media channels, you should also keep adding marketing platforms that have high user interaction. What after Google? Youtube!

How can you promote your Amazon business on Youtube?

Posting videos on Youtube is a sure-shot way to bring in customers to your Amazon product listing. But your Youtube video needs to be of a specific type – about your product.

The specs of filmography are difficult if you are not into it. But the easy thing for anyone is to express their opinions. This brings us to the concept of product review videos.

Post product review videos:

When posting product review videos,  you can create your video based on the first user experience or after using the product for some time. Both of these videos are useful for people who are looking forward to understanding the product before buying.

The best part about posting these types of videos is that you can analyze the views and link clicks and after that when you launch a new version of your product, you can create the same type of video for that version as well in combination with the comparison video also. These types of videos are mostly created by affiliate marketers and they drop the link in the description.

Post unboxing videos:

This is again the first-time user experience video but it serves a different purpose. While creating this type of video, you should try to create the real experience that your customers will get after the product is delivered. Make sure that you create this video with the real packaging along with the labels.

Talk through every part of the unboxing along with the dimensions and weight of the product. When you unboxing videos, you are setting the expectations for your customers, make sure that you don’t under or over-express your emotions during the unboxing. As a seller, it may be difficult to present yourself as the customer so you could do it in your friend’s apartment and film them.

How to best use videos:

As a seller, you should know the best values of your products and the other products that can be used along with your primary products. Take the product that you have been using for some time and create a genuine review of the product. When what, and how are the answers that your potential customers will find most useful.

Make sure that you explain not just how to use but also to store and use for the unconventional purpose of your product. If you are not selling FMCG products, make sure to provide tips and tricks to your users for your users to increase the longevity of your products.

Collaborating with other Youtuber publishers: 

Collaborating with other video publishers is a great way to go increase your influence on this platform. You could begin by finding the users of your products (Amazon has a strict policy about contacting buyers outside of their platform) and asking for an opportunity to interview them about the product.

This may look like the product review but it is not. Again collaborating with other Youtube publishers can come in as sending your products to the popular channel hosts and publishing videos along with the people who sell products that can be used along with, before, or after using your products.

Few tips for posting your products on Youtube

Focus on Video Time If you are selling simple utility products, you don’t need to create a video for more than 3-5 minutes. Average viewers for product review videos don’t have the patience of more than 3-5 minutes. But you should make it interesting and clearly understandable. But again, the type of video defines how long your video should be. Posting a review video can be from 6-9 minutes including your introduction parts. Unboxing videos can go up to 12-15 minutes and more depending upon how complex or simple your product is.

Create a Video Structure: Make sure that all your videos follow a uniform pattern. This will help you to turn your users into subscribers and they will be able to get used to your form of presenting content. Though publishing a video may seem like a bit more work than publishing an article, it is quite easy when you follow a structure. Following a systematic presentation pattern will help you to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important information.

Opening and closing salutation: Alike the video structure, make sure that your salutations are also the same. Fill your salutations with the tone that matches your type of product and fills with excitement for your viewers. These salutations work like the signature lines and apart from that, you can also add music to your introduction part. Your salutation can add a title for yourself like the computer guy or the household neighbor or the whatever matches to your product niche.

Match the ambiance of video with…: Match the ambiance of your video with the product that you are promoting, the music, lighting, video frames if you are using that and even the clothes that you wear during the recording. Along with that, you should also match these with the brand that you are creating. Furthermore, if your products are more likely to be used during the day time, use brighter videos as that will be searched during the day time.

Don’t practice hard selling on videos: You are not selling through Youtube. This is promoting your product to the users so don’t say something stupid like go and buy it or similar. You are simply spreading information about your products that are listed on Amazon. The purpose of your video is to create interest in the product and send the interested people to your Amazon product listing page through the link in the description of your video.

Focus on Youtube SEO also: You aim to make your product visible on Amazon, but if your video on Youtube isn’t searchable, the purpose of creating the video is not met. Pay attention to the terms that refer to your product, and how people search for it, and apply your knowledge of keyword research to creating titles and descriptions of your Youtube videos.

Reap the benefits of Analytics: Youtube as a platform is itself huge and it collects user data. If you are new to this, you may be amazed by what you can find through Youtube analytics. Take a look at which type of video is growing more audience and sending more of your video viewers to your Amazon listing page. Create more of such types of videos for more of your products.

Leverage your product sales on Amazon through Youtube and sell more!


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