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Amazon SEO tips

Amazon SEO Tips

Listing your products on Amazon isn’t always enough. If you are the only seller of certain products then you don’t have to worry about this topic. Also, if there is very little competition then you don’t have to worry about Amazon SEO. For all the rest of you, you better start making a strong foundation on Amazon from the very beginning because, in the long run, the ones with strong SEO foundations will always enjoy better benefits.

Before starting to discuss the Amazon SEO tips, please forget any other SEO tips like those of Google. It is important to start with a fresh mind.

Working on SEO for Amazon products is NOT optimizing your products for the outside search engine but it is to get your products on top results when customers search for your products. “Now, when customers search” because they are not normal visitors, they are looking to buy. This alone defines your purpose of optimization and that is to increase conversion.

The more likely a customer is to buy your products from Amazon, the higher it ranks in the search results. A professional with a bit of eCommerce conversion optimization skills and with knowledge about Amazon seller rules will be able to grasp the concept of Amazon SEO quickly.

Whether you are listing your products one by one on Amazon or you are uploading them in bulk, the core point that you need to take care of is your product attributes.

Optimizing Product Title to be found on Amazon

Your product title is the first information that you need to optimize for potential buyers. But…

Amazon doesn’t allow using promotional words, so how do you optimize them?

There’s an easy way that Amazon has itself provided. For different Amazon product categories, there are different sets of rules or orders of information placed in the title like:

Brand + Model + Color + Size + Material
(This is just an example and is not accurate)

Amazon rules for Product Images

Amazon has specific rules about the picture of the image that you provide for your products also. You can submit multiple images but they need to be on plain white background.

When optimizing your site for speed, you may have reduced the resolution of the image to load them quickly but the higher resolution image in Amazon will enable the zoom functionality. This gives a better user experience and also helps to rank your product higher.

Product pricing on the Amazon marketplace

The key point for any customer to buy your products will be the price of your products. This is important in Amazon marketplaces also as they too serve as comparison shopping.

Keep competitive pricing for your products and make good use of the Amazon repricer tool and where ever possible, the target for that buy box also.

How you describe your products on Amazon

Your product description should be clear to the users and should provide the information that they are searching for. One way to make your Amazon product listings stand out is to create custom product descriptions.

This is a mistake many sellers make. They use the product description that is given by the manufacturer. This is not sufficient information for the buyer – simplify it.

User Experience – Pre and Post Sales

Amazon SEO boils to one point and that is user experience. The better experiences you are able to provide to the customers you win from Amazon, the better Amazon marketplaces value you. The same goes for the reviews and ratings.

This is calculated as your seller rating. Your seller rating is calculated on a product basis and your overall seller account. If your seller rating for certain product categories is higher, your products will have a prominent place in the Amazon search results.

Bonus Tip: Target the recommended products.

Check which product search results display the products that you sell as recommended products. Touch the periphery of those products in your product description. It may take some time but it will work.


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