Amazon Seller Accounts–Types, differences, and benefits

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Amazon Seller Accounts–Types, differences, and benefits

amazon seller account types

You may have created an Amazon account because you keep buying things from this amazing site. But, how often did you notice the Sell on Amazon link at the top right?

If you haven’t yet bought anything from Amazon, please take your time to go ahead and make a purchase, no matter how small, but being a buyer is important before being a seller.

Now, if you have already created your seller account, you know about this to some extent.

Basically, there are two types of Amazon Seller Accounts:

  1. Individual Seller Account
  2. Professional Seller Account

Individual Seller Account on Amazon

If you are looking to sell a few products that have been laying in your garage or attic, you want to create a personal seller account.

You don’t pay the monthly subscription fees but the sales commission and a service charge that you pay to Amazon are slightly higher than the professional seller account.

Can you sell used items on Amazon using Individual seller account?

This is probably the main purpose of individual seller account – to sell the items that you have used and don’t need any longer. Looking at this perspective, Amazon is your digital garage sales location.

Professional Seller Account on Amazon

To create a regular and stable income stream by selling on Amazon, you need a professional seller account.

But make no mistakes; you need to target more than 40 products each month to actually start benefiting from the professional seller account.

For the USA marketplace, the monthly cost for your professional seller account is USD 39.

Let’s take a quick look into the similarities and differences between the Individual Seller Account and Professional Seller Account

Individual Seller Account

Professional Seller Account

No monthly cost

Monthly cost charged

Higher sales commission charged

Lower sales commission charged

Beneficial for garage seller

Beneficial for a product-oriented business professional

Single product listing interface

Bulk product listing tool available


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