What are Amazon product category templates?

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What are Amazon product category templates?

amazon product templates

More commonly known as Amazon Templates, these Amazon product category templates are the files downloadable from Amazon Seller Central to provide your product information and upload them back to the Seller Central to list your product on the Amazon Marketplace.

To list a few products which you can handle manually, you don’t need to deal with the Amazon product category templates. But if you are an Amazon Lister subscribed to the professional seller plan, you have a lot of products listed on Amazon. Your product information will need to be submitted using the formats given by Amazon for specific product categories.

Amazon product categories

Amazon has categorized different products into different categories. Normally, a seller is allowed to display their products in over 20 categories. To list a large number of products under these categories, you will need the specific Amazon category templates.

You can check the type of categories and the products that Amazon allows you to list and sell here. But basically, you will encounter three types of categories in general when planning to grow your business through Amazon:

  1. Permitted Categories

  2. Restricted Categories

  3. Categories or Products requiring approval

The Amazon templates like listing loader templates and inventory loader templates take the information of your products to Amazon.

What type of information is provided in those Amazon templates?

With a quick thought, it comes down to clarity and “Oops! What a silly question?” The information about your products that you want to sell on Amazon and that Amazon requires displaying your products to its visitors.

The information about your products such as the brand of the product, title, description, color, size, material, quantity available, price, unique product identifier, etc is filled in those templates.

Different product categories require this information in the given standard format and units of measurement are also defined. So, in order to master your sales through Amazon, you’ll need to go well in detail or can get professional help also.

Pro tip:

if you are planning to sell multiple products on Amazon and you are already selling those products through your personal online store, it will be easier for you to use some feed management tools.


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