SEO Secret That Most Gurus Don’t Keep Thoughts About

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SEO Secret That Most Gurus Don’t Keep Thoughts About

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When talking about business promotion through online mediums, most people refer to SEO for long term continuous traffic. For this reason, the hype of SEO will never subside. And there’s a secret to SEO that most people don’t understand. I’ve just answered the question that most people ask –

Is SEO dying? – No! Never! But it will always keep on evolving.

Not dying but evolving

However, as SEO is about ensuring your business is easily accessible and over your competitors when people search, the ways that optimizers will need to change their perspective always be there.

People fear the algorithm changes that search engine giants like Google and others make. Why? If you are following the genuine pattern of working on SEO aimed to serve your visitors,  you don’t need to fear.

Impact on type of SEO practices after algorithm changes

The Black Hat SEO practices will sooner rather than later will get caught. And the Grey Hat SEOs will always be at risk of being penalized.

But the White Hat SEO practices (not by the books but through common sense and ethics) don’t need to fear the algorithm changes.

What do the Search Algorithm Changes aim to achieve?

Just like the SEO professionals work tirelessly to find the changes and workaround to beat the algorithm, the algorithm developers are also continually working to understand search behavior of people.

What does this mean? If you are looking to get your business listed on top of the search results within a specified time period, you need to follow the common SEO practices. But if you are looking to create a long term gain, which is actual purpose of conducting SEO activity, it is only wise to follow the genuine pattern.

  • The algorithm will work to find the intention of the searcher and display the accurate search results. For this point, we can simply take it as a clarity measure in posting or publishing information in website.
  • Next, the algorithm works to ensure that the usability of displayed results will be effective for the searcher. This comes under the speed and user interface. Simple, fast and clear layout will work to get applauded by the search algorithm.
  • Likewise, a more talked about answer or service will be awarded a higher position. This is the referral point. The more someone refers, the more a business gets valued at. This is the backlink point.
  • Furthermore, after serving the result and a visitor goes to the website, if that visitor comes back immediately and looks for other results, then the given result wasn’t good enough for top SERP positions. The bounce rate if unmaintained will reduce the SERP rankings. Think of it as a person entering a restaurant and immediately returning back because the restaurant didn’t serve the dish that he wanted.

There are a lot of ranking factors, which can’t be explained in just one post. However, the base concept or the secret that most Gurus miss is that – Algorithms are evolving to imitate the human behavior and SEO professionals are trying to understand the algorithms.

Wouldn’t it be wise for the SEOs to understand the human behavior and optimize their online presence. This would be efficient rather than optimizing for the search engine algorithms.


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