Amazon marketplace is optimized for conversion. Meaning that, the focus of Amazon lies on making the people who visit Amazon buy the products. Whether by displaying the best selling product, by offering free shipping through Prime products or by displaying the Buy Box to encourage visitors to buy.

Amazon also uses the AI based product recommendation that’ll always show you the products that you are likely to buy. But, why are we talking about the efforts that Amazon makes to sell? Because, after or while listing the products on Amazon, it is necessary to understand that visibility counts a lot for conversion. This brings us to the next question:

How to maximize the product visibility on Amazon & increase number of visitors on your product listing to improve sales?

The key is to focus on the traffic that your products get from within Amazon and the traffic that you drive to your products from outside of Amazon.

Visitors on your products from within Amazon

There are two ways that you can use to guide visitors on Amazon to reach your products. As expected, one is the easy and paid promotion and the other is difficult and organic promotion.

Paid Promotion – Sponsored Products Ads on Amazon

After adding your products to the Amazon Seller Central, you can select your products or brand for paid promotion. Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon allows you to promote products whereas Sponsored Product Brands allows you to promote all products within your given brand. (Learning a bit more about brand registry program will help a lot.) Sponsored Store is another of the paid promotion where you can boost the internal Amazon traffic for your products.

Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads are CPC (Cost Per Click) program that will only make you spend your money if a visitor clicks on your ads. To start with this ads, you can select keywords or products and follow along with the Amazon’s guidelines. Sponsored Product will be displayed in the search results and product details pages also so you have a high chance of securing a sale using Amazon ads.

Organic Promotion – Cracking the nut called A9 Algorithm

When you are working on organic promotion, whether it is Google or Amazon, it always gets a bit tiresome and takes time also. But the best part about organic way of doing things is that it sets a habit of following the best practices. First of all, you need to ensure that the products that you list are correct and placed under the appropriate Amazon category/department. Next, point to take care of is the information that you are providing to Amazon and visitors about the products, the required information and the optional information also. Third, you need to follow the best practices for title of the product category you are listing, quality image ensuring that it can be zoomed in, description with bullets etc.

After creating successful listing, you also need to make sure that your offerings are at least a bit better than that of your competitors. This’ll take a lot of work but you can use tools such as  JumpSeller or SyncCentric to work on the competitor research. Finally, you need to make sure that your products are delivered to the customers just as they expect and in time. You are selling to the visitors of Amazon and if they don’t like your products after they buy from you, Amazon will, let’s say, give you a negative marking and decrease your credibility.

Why did we start with the A9 algorithm? That is because, it is in play when a user searches for products on Amazon to decide which products get the top rankings and which gets buried in the 2nd, 3rd and beyond pages. A9 algorithm works with rating the sellers in association with the products and categories they are offering and the customer feedback to provide seller ratings. Though seller ratings is one of the main factor, relevancy and visitor behavior is also considered when  displaying the products on search – just clarifying that seller ratings can also be improved!

Wondering where are the keywords? The title formation and your product listing description should include your relevant keywords but stuffing them like you’d do to rank in Google (long time back) won’t work on Amazon. You’re trying to sell, not just show off!

Visitors on your products from outside Amazon

After listing products on Amazon, you can expect visitors to come to your site from outside of Amazon and that through the efforts of Amazon itself. Got the hint? Amazon affiliates program! That is one neat trick that this retail giant has been playing all along. However, you can’t depend upon that totally. Reason being that you know your products better and you have better idea of who the prospects are, right? For this purpose, it is only wise for you to take control in your hands.

Blogging is one of the neat tricks that you can implement to bring readers to buy your products on Amazon. This is a great way because you can even write a sales pitch on your personal blog and let it work to advocate your products when you are working on other aspects of your business.

Video platforms are high these days. Youtube is definitely one but there are others like vimeo, and such. These platforms will really help you provide an off-the-beat information to your customers. You can simply record an honest review about your product and leave the link to your Amazon product link on the description.

Social Media pages are always one of the best drivers for conversion. Why? Because people know who you are and they trust you on social media. So, if you pitch your product idea and leave a link to your product on Amazon, you can not just drive traffic but also improve your earnings. More than that, people are on social media from anywhere and anytime so this means of driving visitors to your Amazon product listing will work out great.

Email Marketing is another way that you can drive traffic to your Amazon product listings. For this, you should have collected emails of people who are okay with you sending them your offers. Don’t send unsolicited emails, that is just plain rude and now illegal too. But, with the right content and mostly drip sequences you can encourage your blog subscribers to buy products from your Amazon store.

If you implemented these tips, you can definitely increase visitors on your Amazon product listing by improving visibility and even increase your sales  better than your competitors. Happy Selling!