Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program – What is it?

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program – What is it?

Product reviews on Amazon is one of the main points that increases your conversion. There’d been a common trend while launching new products in Amazon marketplaces – get a package from fiver or similar portals related to Amazon product reviews to manipulate the Amazon rankings. Putting it in blunt words – Buy Fake Reviews on Amazon & Get the Rankings!

Amazon has taken an aggressive measure against these in order to maintain the quality and goodwill it has created over the years. For this, it had also run a campaign to identify and remove the counterfeit product listed over the different Amazon marketplaces. 

And now it has launched the Early Reviewer Program!

What is the product level requirement to for Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program?

This program allows Amazon listers and sellers to participate on a per product basis. The products listed in the Amazon marketplace is eligible to participate in this program if it has 

  1. Products with less than 5 customer reviews
  2. Cost of product should be more than $15

What is the seller level requirement for Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program?

This program is initially launched on the marketplace and is only eligible for US Brand Registered Amazon Sellers. So, if you own a trademark and are willing to participate in the Early Reviewer Program then you need to register a brand in Amazon.

What is the cost involved to participate in the Early Reviewer Program?

This program is per product basis and for each approved SKU, Amazon charges $60. This charge will work to earn a customer’s review for the Amazon Seller until the product has 5 reviews. The program for a product will be valid till a year if it gets less than 5 reviews. Only a parent product can be submitted to participate in the program, you can’t submit a variation of a product. And as of now, up to 100 products can be submitted in the review program.

Who can’t participate to review a product listed for Early Reviewer Program as a reviewer?

Employees of Amazon, the product seller, and friends and families of the sellers are not allowed to review the products. The products can only be reviewed by buyers who bought previously and have no history of the reviews manipulation. These buyers are randomly selected by Amazon.

Can I modify a review obtained through Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program?

The sole purpose of Amazon launching the Early Reviewer program is to take control over the falsified reviews. So, the star ratings or reviews that a buyer honestly provides through this program cannot be modified or manipulated. 

How to register on Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program?

You can get a complete information about this Early Reviewer Program from this link.

If you have any confusions regarding this program or any other programs, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information.