Starting a business based on Amazon marketplace is not something new these days and the use of Amazon seller tools is an extensive practice. It is more like a surprise, if you haven’t starting selling on Amazon or used one or more of these seller tools. People who started early to sell on Amazon, already know about these facts:

  • The product categories that you are allowed to sell on different Amazon Marketplaces
  • Product information and the standards required to list on Amazon
  • Information about what you’d need to upload high volume of products, and,
  • Differences between adding single products or uploading your product catalog

Early starters also know how to benefit from it when Amazon launches a new marketplace. If you are hoping to learn more about these, you can simply write to us or check the Amazon’s help pages.

But, this time, here we’ll explain about increasing your sales on Amazon by take a quick look at the Amazon seller tools that help you boost your sales on Amazon.

Popular Amazon Seller Tools

When you are looking to sell your products on Amazon, we can correctly say that you also have your independent eCommerce store. You could have created these stores using different popular choices like WordPress, Shopify, etc. If you look for the tools that are mentioned here, you’ll find that most of them are on SaaS (software as a service) model. But if you don’t find the one that suits you, contact us freely and we’ll do our best to point you to the right direction.

Product research tools for Amazon Listers

Selling on Amazon is a great way for more money – the question is what to sell? If you are a manufacturer or a brand, you know you can sell your products. But, for someone who has just started an eCommerce site without defining a niche market – “whatever sells” is the only bell that rings. This is one of the cases when you need the product research tools.

But again, when you are already selling and need to understand and beat the competitor strategy to sell more of your products, you need to use these tools. Collect data from within and outside of Amazon, analyze the bulky data and then reach to a point where you can be sure that your strategy will work – that’s tough without these product research tools for Amazon business.

If you haven’t tried out the tools like JungleScout or UnicornSmasher or SyncCentric, try them out. They fall under same type as the product research tool for Amazon seller but they serve different purpose. You’ll find out when you use them.

Product sourcing tools

When we used the term sourcing, we meant to give you a hint that it’s about dropshipping. Don’t stock your products, just get the information from the manufacturer and list them on your own eCommerce site and on Amazon. And, when you get an order on Amazon or your site, simply forward the order to the manufacturer – get the money from buyer, keep the margin, order the product to be delivered to buyers address and pay the manufacturer.

Finding trustworthy manufacturers is difficult if you are new, and even more difficult when you have to find one on market segment that you can sell effectively. For this reason, most of the people look into the eBay product supplier’s list, or simply install oberlo app (if based on Shopify) or some other app.

However, the main problem of product sourcing through these manufacturer-seller connecting tools is that your products may be delivered really late. For this either you pre-stock the product from manufacturer to Amazon Warehouses and benefit from the FBA or you need to choose merchants who are around you. Spocket plugin seems to have solved this by collecting the list of manufacturers from Europe – if you are targeting to sell your products on Europe.

Product listing tools to sell on Amazon

You can easily list your products on Amazon Seller Central even if you are not a professional seller. However, a professional seller gets to enjoy the bulk products listing option. A seller account on Amazon under the professional plan (costs $39.99 per month) is able to fill up the product catalog templates and upload the filled in template to list products on Amazon.

If you research a bit about professional seller plan, you’ll find suggestions about taking a professional plan only after being able to sell at least 40 products per month. We’ll get into that some other time, but this time the Amazon selling tools! If you are under professional plan and selling over 40 products, would you want to waste your time filling up the template and submitting it to Amazon? Probably not. You’d better be working on the other three type of tools trying to automate the listing part.

Thanks to the developers at Amazon, they’ve released the product API which most of the companies have used to create product listing software for Amazon. A few of these tools are GoDataFeed, CedCommerce, Codisto Linq etc. All these tools have their different ways of operating with Amazon to list your products. Make sure to pick the right one as you definitely don’t want to mess up your product data when listing on Amazon.

Sharing on your network

This is more like using common sense than using the tools. However, most of the new and old sellers miss to implement this strategy. You can create your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and simply upload your amazon product link to those channels. Social Media Marketing is one of the most undervalued low hanging fruit for Amazon listers / sellers.

If you are driving traffic to your product details from your social media account, you are driving customer to the salesman who’ll sell your product from you. But your network doesn’t necessarily mean that you limit yourself to your social media accounts. You could add you Amazon Product Links to your default signature on your email.

If you would want to automate the task of social media marketing, then you can use tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, or something similar.

Feel like we missed to mention some tools (we know we have left out shipping :p ) then please let us know. Or if you need help in any part of using these tools, we can help you out. Feel free to contact us.

Happy selling!